Why we all need
Web Standards and
a good Open-Source browser

Tristan Nitot

President, Mozilla Europe

The Gutenberg revolution

Comparing Printing and Internet

Printing and the internet are both a set of existing techniques that, put together, enable amazing spreads of culture, communication and commerce.

The Web: an Open system

Two lessons...

1 - A monopoly has no reason to improve a free product unless it can sell an upgrade.

2 - No competition? No innovation!

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Looking closer...

How can we avoid this in the future?

Innovating with Standards

In a world where interoperability is key, innovation must follow Standards...

Dealing with compatibility

Two main concerns:

  1. Implementing Web standards (HTML, CSS, DOM, JS) in order to avoid the mistakes of the past;
  2. Remaining compatible with existing documents (litterally years of work to inject IE 4 and Netscape 4 quirks into our product);

State of the Mozilla Project

Mozilla Foundation and the Project

Mozilla by the Numbers

The Mozilla Recipe

Mozilla Firefox web browser

Marketshare for a recent Sunday

Firefox Market share in Europe

Source : XitiMonitor.com. Figures from Sunday 20050424.

The Road Ahead

Participating in the Mozilla Project