Mozilla and the Public Sector

Tristan Nitot

President, Mozilla Europe


What is Mozilla?

Mozilla by the Numbers

Great reliance on each of these "communities" to make the project successful

The Mozilla Recipe

Mozilla Firefox web browser

Marketshare on January 8th, 2006

Firefox Market share in Europe

Source : Figures from Sunday 20060108.

More than 20 million Firefox 1.5 users (downloads+updates)

Probably around 50 million Firefox users worldwide.

What is NOT Mozilla

A traditional software vendor

It's actually a virtual place where enterprise and individuals contribute together to provide Internet technologies and products...

Mozilla References in France

Mozilla has no knowledge about most large customers, who have downloaded the products and deployed them without telling us.

A few of them

If you have deployed our products, please let us know and talk about it publicly: it's a very cost-effective way to contribute to the Mozilla project!

What if...

... you are not happy with the features you miss in our products?

There is an entire ecosystem being built to address various needs.

Mozilla Corporation is not going to cover it all.

Mozilla and Gendarmerie Nationale (1/2)

Need for technology independance

Mozilla and Gendarmerie Nationale (2/2)

Reasons for choosing Firefox and Thunderbird:

Firefox roadmap: Firefox 2, codename Bon Echo

Firefox roadmap: Firefox 3

Participating in the Mozilla Project (1/2)

As an individual:

A truly rewarding project

Participating in the Mozilla Project (2/2)

As a large organization:

Help us promote choice and innovation on the Internet!

Thank you!

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